Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Public performances – arts engagement to expand the reach of the arts and contribute to community social wealth.

  • provide preparation for students who wish to pursue the craft of Black theatre in Central Indiana;
  • address the gap in arts learning and access; provide supports for learning and teaching about Black art & literature;
  • connect new audiences by reducing the cost of access and utilizing new spaces.

Outreach and marketing – connecting campus and community.

  • create pathways for engaging people, communities, and organizations and other arts stakeholders;
  • address the void in the study of Black theatre and its impact on community well-being.

Talent, Career Exploration; and Postsecondary Engagement – apprenticeship programs and partnerships with K-12 schools.

  • bring arts education to underserved schools and communities;
  • explore career tracks and future workforce development;
  • support local talent and collaboration with the theatre practitioners and professionals locally, statewide and nationally.

Research – social, cultural, economic, and academic impact of a more representative arts sector.

  • offer culturally-specific arts-based/arts-learning research;
  • conduct arts impact and social climate surveys;
  • exploring the therapeutic aspects of the arts; interrogating arts and arts learning as healing modalities;
  • promote community-engaged research/praxis.